Corporate Trainer – Training Managers / Industry / Consultant / Auditing
Exam Preparation for PMP Certification
     Strategic Bidding for IT Projects
     Use case Modeling
     Six Sigma Greenbelts & Black Belt Certification Training
     Software Effort Estimation
     Application of IEEE Standards
     Requirement Gathering and Documentation Techniques
Business Worlds have been converging, whereby organisations and individuals are exposed to formidable and significant challenges in managing projects at large, wherein delivering systems are purported to meet stringent quality requirements, and made to endure fierce competition whilst going through a rapid phase of transformation. Predominantly, systems are getting more complex and critical whereby the emphasis lies on successful testing and development of projects.

Being cognizant of the scenario, it is Vinod Kumar Garg’s endeavor to provide monumental opportunity to companies and individuals to achieve certifications through courses and to be Project Management Professionals (PMP), realising the needs of the industry to formulate effective methodologies that are accurate, speedier, versatile and reliable. The intent is to empower them with practical inventiveness to execute projects with utmost efficiency and competence.

V K Garg is an M. Tech in Industrial Engineering from IIT, Delhi, with almost 35 years of Industry experience, which has an excellent balance between Management, Education and Consulting. He is a Certified Project Management Professional, and imparts advanced training programmes on Project Management and extends related consultancy.

Having performed diverse roles of System Analyst, Assistant Professor, Management Consultant, Executor of World Bank Projects of high magnitude, Systems Manager, Executive Vice President, and Executive Director for a couple of companies culminating the last tenure of his working career, his project management experience manifests in his effective tailor made programme, which encompasses intricacies of Techniques of implementation of quality measures, Project risks handling, acquiring and motivating team members and associates, and effective communication; also, conducting audits, quality management plan, developing a quality control system, designing risk management, which follows effective risk analysis process, and monitoring and controlling project risks; building a productive and industrious team, and capitalisation of analysis tools and reports to evaluate the performance of a project.

The training elements include from planning and execution of projects, to exercises on writing project management practices; emphases on teaching in-house project management methodologies; also, product development, implementation and application.

As a trainer, V K Garg has known the requirements and substantiated employees from different verticals with ingrained Project Management training programmes. He has been incessantly supportive to various organisations with training methodology and certification courses. The training programme is recognized, widely accepted and attended in the training industry. With extensive experience and exposure in the field, he intends to embark and impart what is uniquely required for us to grow, as individuals and as organisations.