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Exam Preparation for PMP Certification
     Strategic Bidding for IT Projects
     Use case Modeling
     Six Sigma Greenbelts & Black Belt Certification Training
     Software Effort Estimation
     Application of IEEE Standards
     Requirement Gathering and Documentation Techniques
  Project Management Training
The Project Management training programme is an archetypal combination of lectures and an entire set of workshops covering all the facets of process management and IT methodologies. It has been devised with a foresight, covering all the modules. V K Garg, as a seasoned trainer, facilitates students with classroom interaction.

This certification programme is a crystallised version created to better management adeptness, attributed to performance solutions to achieve business objectives.

It focuses on the fundamentals, practices, techniques and tasks to manage projects. The participant will develop project management skills through case studies, hands-on exercises and a broad array of practical examples.

The programme has been devised knowing the soaring needs of professionals interested in Software Development, Testing Quality Assurance and Project Management. The programme has been a highly effective tool for individuals to lead on multiple areas of functioning as full fledged project managers.
The programme has been colossally effective enabling students to learn
Fundamental project management skills, concepts and techniques.
Develop work breakdown structures.
Document project management plan.
Estimate project cost and schedules.
Understand dynamics of project management including HR and communication aspects of effective team building and management.
Establish a dependable project monitoring and control system.
Software test cases development – This enables students to develop skills in preparing and documenting test cases based on functional specifications as per IEEE Guidelines.
Preparing and developing Software Project Plan – the core is focus on imparting real life skills to participants in working out and documenting project plans for Software Projects. The methodology developed is of defacto International Standard for Software Project Management Plans.
Advance workshop on application of function point methodology for software efforts estimation - To impart skills in Software Effort Estimation using "Function Point Analysis”, with emphasis on application of function point analysis to variety of situations such as Web Applications, Middleware, Data Warehousing, Learning Systems etc.
Developing and Writing Structured Use Cases – To develop hands on skills in developing and writing Use Cases for variety of software applications; to develop in-depth understanding of Use Case Methodology; to estimating Software Development efforts using Use Cases.
Successful completion of the program will yield participants a certificate from CSI which is highly rated in the industry; the aspiring participants for the PMP certification exam become eligible to claim for prerequisite mandatory 35 contact hours of education based on participation in the programme.