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About the PMP Exam

Things you should know about PMP

Is PMP certification really useful?

Oh yes, it is useful. PMP is the most sought after certification in the practice of project management. Now, more and more customers and clients demand that the project managers should be PMP certified.

A PMP certified raises the confidence of the customers and clients.

What are the pre-requisites to appear for PMP?

We suggest you to visit the PMI website and seek more information on this.

However, 35 hour project management education is needed to appear for PMP.

What is the fees for PMP Exam?

Yet again, please visit and seek this information.

Apart from the fees listed on the PMI website, anyone who attends a training through an Authorized Training Partner like us, will have to pay $39 extra apart for the training. 

What is the validity of PMP certification?

Your PMP credential is valid for three years. You have to log in your PDUs (Professional Development Units) on the PMI website and pay the renewal fees to extend the validity of your PMP credential.

Is Classroom training better than Virtual training?

Ofcourse it is! However, classroom training comes at an extra cost and is risky in these Covid times. Therefore, we suggest you attend virtual trainings and save cost, time, money and yourself :-)

How should I prepare for PMP?

Well, we would suggest you to speak to one of our trainers on this and seek more information. No matter how much we write here, we are sure there would be still questions left out. Visit our Contact Us Page and speak to us! 

If the trainer is busy, drop them a WhatsApp text and they will get back! Its that simple.

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